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Construction Estimating Software that WORKS!

Data Management Institute is a unique resource for specialty trade contractors in the commercial building industry.  Mike Litz, founder of DMI, developed dynamic construction estimating systems throughout his career.  In 2003 Mike launched DMI Takeoff and Estimating Seminars, teaching takeoff and estimating theory and enabling takeoff and estimating excellence; since then, thousands of construction professionals from across the continent have decided Mike Litz is the national authority on detailed, construction takeoffs, estimating, and project management.  For more on Mike's extensive background in construction project management and consulting services, go to: History.

Most construction estimating software systems offer big potential.  However, potential is NOT what most contractors want or need.  Contractors want estimating software that saves time and money immediately.  Contractors need estimating software that works!  Throughout three decades, Mike spent considerabe time conversing with thousands of construction professionals and tradesmen.

Mike knows what contractors want and need from their construction estimating software investment.  That's why DMI deals exclusively in construction estimating software that works, construction estimating software that requires very minimal training, yields immediate time-savings, and delivers reliable accuracy.

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